Cranial Work

The focus of this work is the cranium, sacrum, and the structures that join and influence them. These can be the cranial sutures, the joints of the pelvis, the connective tissue components, and the fluid movement within the body. Cranial work is gentle, hands-on form of manual therapy which helps you relax deeply so the self corrective intelligence within your body may work with less barriers.

Visceral Work

Visceral work is wonderful in its assessment and treatment tools which help to find restrictions within the connective tissue surrounding the organs of the body. The abdominal and thoracic organs are manipulated to remove restrictions and allow greater ease in movement. This is the work that has been developed by the French osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral.

Musculoskeletal Work

Musculoskeletal work gently releases areas of injury or tension to allow fluids to bath the muscle cells and connective tissues surrounding the muscles, which allows repair of fibrous tissue and decongestion of stagnant areas. This can involve gentle stretching, ischemic compression, specific work around joints, and joint movement.

Session Rate

60 minutes     $130