I am a Certified Massage Therapist in California. I have been in practice since 2003 working with adults, children, and infants. My work with people is guided by the idea that our bodies have the ability to find balance and heal when the barriers to health have been removed. I use gentle and specific manual mobilizations to help restore motion. I work to awaken the elasticity within the tissues, which brings deep relaxation throughout your body. This allows the connective tissues within your body the space they need to circulate fluids with ease. When this happens your body is able to organize the communication taking place throughout, which can lead to an increased vitality. My hope is to help you feel a greater connection with your body leading to pain reduction, faster recovery from injuries, and greater freedom in body, mind, and heart.

A love of working with my hands and a desire to help people led me to study bodywork at East West College of Healing Arts in Oregon. I have studies a variety of modalities derived from osteopathy such as: cranial and visceral work, myofascial and muscle energy techniques. These skills allow me to help "awaken" the body and create change through gentle manual therapy. Working with a person as a whole through movement allows a reawakening of connection and a deeper sense of awareness and freedom.